February 3, 2016 08:54 AM


Channellock Inc. is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. 

Though 13 decades have passed since George B. DeArment founded the company in 1886, CHANNELLOCK® has remained committed to high-quality products and to domestic manufacturing.

“To be able to say that our world-famous pliers are still made in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA is a source of pride to everyone at Channellock,” says Chairman and CEO Bill DeArment. “Our company was founded in 1886 in northwest Pennsylvania on the principle of making the highest-quality tools, and nothing has changed.”

CHANNELLOCK® has long been known for high quality and craftsmanship, and its product line is the preferred choice of professionals and the serious DIYers who want to get the job done. Since its founding as the Champion Bolt & Clipper Co., the company has also led the industry through innovation. In 1932, chief engineer Howard Manning developed and patented the tongue-and-groove plier, dubbed “Channellock” at the time. The company now offers more than 140 types and sizes of hand tools that bear the company’s signature CHANNELLOCK BLUE® color.

Throughout the years, Channellock Inc. has taken pride in its tradition of innovation. The company has made many improvements in its manufacturing practices, including site-specific laser-heat treating operations for more durable products and the implementation of robotics in the forging, polishing and machining arenas.

Other areas of innovation in recent years include 3-D printing, which has allowed Channellock Inc. to develop prototypes for new tools and potential improvements to existing products.

“It has been a welcome addition to our tool design process because it allows us to see how an idea would actually function before advancing too far along the process,” said Jon DeArment, president and COO of Channellock Inc.

DeArment said the company looks forward to many more years of innovation, best-in-class quality and a continued commitment to American Manufacturing.

“In addition to the high-quality product CHANNELLOCK® customers receive, American manufacturing also employs workers and supports families from local communities,” Jon DeArment said.  “That’s something we are very proud of and believe our customers appreciate.”

January 26, 2016 08:00 AM

Channellock Inc. Honors Recent Retirees

Recently, we said farewell and thank you to some of our longest serving associates as they officially retired from Channellock Inc. We are excited for them and their well-deserved next chapters in their lives but we are sad to see members of our CHANNELLOCK® family go.

William “Earl” Midkiff: Earl has retired after over 41 years of service. Earl was in the polishing department for all but six months of his 41 years literally “grinding” out pliers for the CHANNELLOCK® Nation.

On his last day, the team presented Earl with not only a plaque, but also a box of band aids because he had a ritual of applying them to his fingers for the day under his gloves.

“It has been a pleasure to work for three generations of the DeArment Family,” Earl said. 

Allen Jacobs: In the last 15 years of his 41 with CHANNELLOCK®, Allen can boast that he has ten years of perfect attendance. It is that sort of dedication, and his sense of humor, that his coworkers said they will miss in his retirement.

Allen spent most of his years in the Machine Shop in various roles from set-up man, set-up foreman to General Supervisor, and most recently serving as the Manager of Continuous Improvement.

It was an impressive career that began in 1974 when Allen started as a filer.

Bill and Jean Beatty: It is not unusual to hear about multiple generations of associates who have worked at Channellock Inc. For a company that has been family- owned and - since 1886, some may say it is a tradition. But what makes Bill and Jean Beatty unique is that they are husband and wife.

Bill began as a utility worker in 1976 and then became a joint filer in 1978. He remained in that role until he became a pre-finisher in 2002. Not long after, in 2005, Bill became a sonic welder operator until he retired after serving 39 years.

Jean began in 1977 as a joint filer. Later that year, she became a plier tester until 1987. It was then that she began working as a plier inspector. In 1989 she then went to maintenance where she remained until she recently retired after 38 years of service.

These four associates represent more than 159 years of experience and commitment to quality and professionalism. We want to extend our congratulations and send our best to our recent retirees. Thank you for your many years of service and fierce professionalism that will forever be a part of what makes CHANNELLOCK® a special place to work.

January 25, 2016 08:42 AM

CHANNELLOCK® Announces Recent Promotions

CHANNELLOCK® has been a successful family- owned and -operated hand tool manufacturer dedicated to American-made craftsmanship since 1886. This kind of longevity is no accident. While we are proud of our legacy of manufacturing innovation, at our core, we know that our success is a direct result of our dedicated associates who put their hearts into their work every day.

Recently, some of our associates earned promotions and we would like to recognize and congratulate each of them:

Darren Giles
Channellock Inc. is proud to announce that Darren Giles has been promoted to Product Engineer effective January 1, 2016. Darren has been employed with Channellock since October 22, 2012.

As Product Engineer, Darren will oversee the day to day functions of Die Design and Drafting as well as the implementation of New Product Design.

Darren will report to Tim Parulski, Engineering Manager.

“Darren has proven to be a very detailed and structured Engineer in his three plus years with us. We are confident in his ability to lead the Die Design and Drafting functions in our organization”, Tim said.

Please join us in congratulating Darren on his promotion!

Tim Parulski
Channellock Inc. is proud to announce that Tim Parulski has been promoted to Engineering Manager effective January 1, 2016. Tim has been an employee of Channellock for 24 years, starting his employment on August 5, 1991.

As Engineering Manager, Tim will be expanding his role to New Product Development, Metallurgy, Tool Room and Die Room, as well as his previous role of Managing Maintenance, TPM and Automation. Tim’s new role comes with the retirement of our previous New Product Engineer, Harry Reckhart.

Tim will continue to report to Mike Smith, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering

“Tim has been a valuable member of our team and has proven the ability to lead and direct his departments in a way that aligns with corporate goals”, Mike said.

Please join us in congratulating Tim on his promotion!

Kevin Petrarca
Channellock Inc. is proud to announce that Kevin Petrarca has been promoted to Continuous Improvement Manager effective January 1, 2016. Kevin has been an employee of Channellock since September 4, 2012. This position has become available with the upcoming retirement of Allen Jacobs.

As Continuous Improvement Manager, Kevin will oversee all functions of Continuous Improvement. Engineer Brian Gray and Technician Doug Weber will also be joining Kevin’s team. Both of these individuals have made significant contributions in improvements and we hope to fully capitalize on their skills, experience and education to enhance our performance as we continue to improve.

Kevin will be reporting to Mike Smith, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering.

“Kevin has been a valuable member of our team and has been instrumental in coaching and leading departments along a path of continuous improvement. He has demonstrated his commitment to the success of Channellock and I look forwar
d to his continued contributions”, Mike said.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin on his promotion!

Gray Rankin
Channellock Inc. is proud to announce that Gary Rankin has accepted the position of Inside Sales Coordinator within the Channellock Sales and Marketing Department.

Gary returns to the Sales and Marketing department after spending time in Continuous Improvement and most recently as the General Supervisor of Finished Goods/Warehouse.

As the Inside Sales Coordinator, Gary will be responsible for Assisting with the implementation of Sales Policies, Identifying Incremental Sales Opportunities, Select House Account Management, and taking a more active role in Product Development. Customer Service and the Future Tradesman Program will also be the key areas of focus.

A 39-year veteran of the Channellock workforce, Rankin will report to Ryan DeArment, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Gary ha
s a proven track record in the Sales and Marketing Department. His past experience in the Department will allow us to use those talents to help grow the business by interacting one-on-one with customers and developing those key relationships”, DeArment said.

Rankin’s previous duties will be taken over by Bryan Smith, Plant 2 General Supervisor.

Please join us in congratulating Gary on his new position!

Nick Reckhart
Channellock Inc. is proud to announce that Nick Reckhart has been promoted to Jr. Quality Technician effective January 25, 2016.  Nick has been employed with Channellock since July 21, 2014 and most recently had been working in the Final Inspection Department.

A 2000 Graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Nick previously worked at USIS in Grove City as a Business Analyst & Quality Control Manager.

As a Quality Technician, Nick will assist and support the effective implementation of continuous improvement programs throughout the Company. Provide the training and support necessary to promote the principals and practices of Continuous Improvement methodologies and other quality management systems including Statistical Process Control to all Channellock Associates. Nick will report to Brent Tenney, Sr. Quality Technician.

“With Nick’s background we are confident in his ability to analyze data, find root cause and provide information for corrective action, all of which will make him a valued addition to the Quality Department”, Brent said.

Please join us in congratulating Nick on his promotion!

Lynn Snyder
Channellock Inc. is proud to announce that Lynn Snyder has accepted the position of Marketing Manager within the Channellock Sales and Marketing Department.

Lynn returns to the Sales and Marketing department after spending the past few years in the Human Resource Department as the Communication and Training Manager.

As the Marketing Manager Lynn will take part in developing and executing annual marketing programs and projects; coordinating sales & marketing service providers with various operational areas; monitoring progress of advertising, public relation, and social media campaigns; as well as developing and updating flyers, catalogs, and price lists.

Ms. Snyder will be reporting directly to Ryan DeArment, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Having Lynn back in the department facilitating the Marketing Programs and Projects will allow us to focus more on our sales initiatives and generating larger promotions with key customers”. DeArment said.

Snyder’s previous HR duties will be taken over by Marc Johnston, Director of Workforce Development.

Please join us in congratulating Lynn on her new position!