Hello Bean Town!

The National Electrical Contractors Association is meeting in Boston Oct. 2-5 for its annual convention. Here in Meadville, we're packing our bags to head to the gathering, which represents the $130 billion-a-year electrical construction industry.

What's the big feature at our booth this year? Glad you asked. The Channellock® 9.5" 369 High-Leverage Linemen's Plier. Electrical contractors know our Linemen's Plier has always been good, but this improved version, introduced Aug. 1, cuts through fish tape, wiring, screws, you name it, with less force - a dream for all electrical tradesmen and serious DIYers. To stand up to the elements and everything the job site can throw at it, we made the plier out of high-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance, then gave it an electronic coating for ultimate rust prevention.

If you're heading to the convention, make sure to drop by our booth to check out the improved 9.5" 369 High-Leverage Linemen's Plier for yourself.


Ryan DeArment
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Channellock, Inc.