When was the last time you thought about what Labor Day truly meant? Not only is it a yearly tribute to the contributions workers make to the strength and prosperity of our country, but it’s also a day of remembrance for American manufacturing, a complex system that is driven by the strength and ingenuity of its workers. Without the labor of millions of Americans, many of our nation’s greatest manufacturing accomplishments wouldn’t exist, such as Henry Ford’s assembly line or today’s commercial jetliner manufacturing process.

American manufacturing has the reputation for producing quality products over the years, which is something we can appreciate. And, we know that progress is made when everyone works together. That’s why we don’t have employees; we have associates at Channellock Inc. It’s a small distinction but we believe that our nearly 400 associates help us produce the best pliers made in America.

It’s a lesson we learned a long time ago thanks to words imparted by our founder, George B. DeArment, when he said that people count more than machines. Like many modern manufacturing operations, Channellock Inc. has its share of advanced automated systems and equipment. But none of it operates at maximum productivity, and none of it can be fine-tuned and improved, without the contributions of our associates. Men and women like:


  • Robert Stine, who developed a thermal imaging program that greatly improved CHANNELLOCK’s ability to diagnose equipment used in the manufacturing process of its pliers;
  • Bob Fink, who implemented a new forge shop procedure that incorporates a custom-made cart to carry our air gun, thereby eliminating the need for lifting; and,
  • The Billet Cutter Process Improvement Team, comprised of several CHANNELLOCK® associates, who introduced many changes to improve the overall quality and production of the billet cutter that supplies our forge hammers.


We like to think that the CHANNELLOCK® tongue-and-groove plier ranks among notable manufacturing accomplishments. It is because of the combined efforts of everyone who works here. If you’ve ever worked in a manufacturing setting, you know that is what sets truly successful operations apart from the others. So, take time this holiday weekend to appreciate the men and women who devote a lot of hard work, determination and hours to achieve each accomplishment.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Lynn Snyder

Marketing Services Manager

Channellock Inc.