There are questions at the start of each NFL season that get answered as the year plays out, and this year is no different. Will Chip Kelly take the Eagles back to the playoffs? Will Darrelle Revis’ move to the Bucs change the NFC South standings? Will the 49ers bounce back from Super Bowl disappointment, or do the Seahawks supplant them as NFC West champions? Which team from the AFC’s many contenders will prove to be the best?


Those answers will come in January – and maybe before then. Regardless, the one thing you hear from coaches and commentators alike: Professional football is all about who can exploit match-ups. The team that does is usually victorious.


Just like last season, we’re partnering with the NFL Network to bring fans the “Tools for Victory” segment. Each week throughout the 2013 – 2014 regular season, a former NFL coach or player breaks down the week’s best matchup and diagnoses who will succeed, by using their “tools for victory.” You can catch the segment on the NFL Network’s show “Playbook” Fridays at 9 p.m. ET, with the show premiering on Sept. 6. Or, you can watch a weekly recap online at to see if the team used the right tools.


We’re excited to partner with the NFL Network again and help showcase each team’s tools for victory. Much like the professionals on the field, we help professionals, tradesmen and DIYers around the country succeed in their jobs. Whether it’s electricians, plumbers, first responders, auto mechanics, farmers, or fathers and sons finishing their to-do lists, we’re proud to be there year round and help provide the right tools for their own victories.


Lynn Snyder

Marketing Services Manager

Channellock Inc.