The workbench – it’s a wonderful thing. You can paint on it, hammer it, store your tools on it and use it for assembly. It can be made out of metal, plastic, wood, recycled doors, old cabinets or come from a brand new kit. It takes everything you can dish out and then some, asking for nothing in return (exactly like CHANNELLOCK® pliers).

Cluttered or spare, complex or simple, the workbench just doesn’t get enough credit, even though it’s an essential piece of equipment for any serious DIYer, tradesman and professional. So, in honor of the tool you never think about, we’re asking to see which of our fiercest CHANNELLOCK® fans has the best one. We’re looking for examples of all kinds: carpenters’ wood-working benches, auto mechanics’ staging benches and of course the everyday DIYers’ workbenches.

It’s easy to enter: Just share a picture of your workbench with us by posting it to our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts with your name, city and state you live in, profession and what you primarily use your workbench for by Tuesday, October 15, 2013. We’ll pick the best ones and announce the winner in next week’s Blue Board post. And don’t worry about what your workbench looks like – a few CHANNELLOCK® pliers can make even the simplest workbench look good!

Lynn Snyder

Communications and Training Manager

Channellock Inc.