With the holidays quickly approaching, the mad rush to find the perfect gift begins. Sure, everyone wants the hottest toy or gadget, but after the New Year most of these “must-haves” end up in the trash because of poor quality or in favor of the next big thing. That’s why this year we’re encouraging everyone to give a gift that keeps on giving – a gift made in America.

There are dozens of reasons to purchase items made in the USA, but here is the most important: Every American product you buy helps to pay the salary of an American worker. For example, the National Retail Federation estimates that if each of us spent just $64 on U.S.-made presents during our holiday shopping this year, we would help to create more than 200,000 new jobs. So they truly are the gift that keeps on giving. And, that’s certainly the case with all of our CHANNELLOCK® pliers. Each is made in Meadville, Pa., from North American C1080 steel, so they can be passed down to the next generation many years from now.

Looking for a fierce gift that will last for the DIYer, handyman or tradesman in your life? The GS-6 gift set has three pairs of American-made CHANNELLOCK® pliers perfect for a variety of jobs:

•    The 337 Cutting Plier, built to make quick work of wire and nails;
•    The 317 Long Nose Plier, perfect for those jobs that require an extra measure of precision; and,
•    The 430® Straight Jaw Plier, a go anywhere, do most anything tool that is like the Special Forces of pliers.

To complement American-made tools, check out the Made in America Store, it sells a variety of items – from clothing to toys to sporting equipment – that are all made in the USA.

We hope you enjoy giving and receiving this holiday season. Happy holidays, from all of us at CHANNELLOCK®.

Lynn Snyder
Communications and Training Manager
Channellock Inc.