You may not realize it, but there are about 5.5 million family-owned or controlled businesses in the United States today, from small convenience stores in your neighborhood to large, multinational brands that you buy something from every week. And while many of those companies have been or will be passed down from the first generation to the second, few stay in the same family for a third or even fourth generation.

Channellock Inc. counts itself as a proud member of the family-owned and operated club that has been passed down generation to generation for more than 100 years, and so is Carhartt Inc., another manufacturer of superior quality products with a proud family history.

As many of our fans know, CHANNELLOCK® has been around for more than 128 years. Founded as a producer of farrier’s tools, the company evolved over the decades to a plier and tool manufacturer as it was passed down through the generations – from founder George B. DeArment to his sons Almon DeArment and J. Howard DeArment, then on to George S. DeArment and William A. DeArment. Today, the company is run by William S. DeArment, the fourth generation of the DeArment family to do so. Meanwhile, a fifth generation goes to work every day in key company positions.

Cut from the same cloth as CHANNELLOCK®, Carhartt was also founded during the 19th century by an entrepreneur who wanted to provide the best to those who worked hard for a living. Hamilton Carhartt started his company in Dearborn, Michigan, 125 years ago to provide work wear to railroad workers. Since then, it too has evolved into an international brand revered by its many fans. Today, it’s still owned and managed by Carhartt’s descendants, all of whom are dedicated to creating the best work wear and apparel for active workers.  

With so many things in common, we thought it only made sense to work with Carhartt to create a unique gift that is both perfect for Father’s Day and celebrates 125 years of American manufacturing.  For a limited time, you can log on to and order a special Made in the USA plier gift set that  features a CHANNELLOCK® 420® 9.5” straight jaw tongue-and-groove plier and a CHANNELLOCK® 426 6.5” straight jaw tongue-and-groove plier. When they're not hard at work twisting and turning, they reside in a special brown duck tool pouch that features the Carhartt 125th anniversary logo. It’s a great Father’s Day present for a great price – just $30.

All three products are made in the USA and stand for the dedication and family tradition that run deep within both companies. Take part of our family’s tradition and bring it to yours this Father’s Day. 

Lynn Snyder

Communications and Training Manager

Channellock Inc.