This week, we are continuing our celebration of dedicated associates by highlighting a 40-year associate, Allen Jacobs. Over the years, Allen has worked in a wide variety of roles at Channellock Inc., and currently works in three different areas that take advantage of his years of experience and knowledge of tool-making. His hard work and dedication makes us proud. 

Name, title at Channellock Inc. and years of service:

Allen Jacobs, Continuous Improvement/R+D/Industrial Engineering. 40 years.

How did you start working at Channellock Inc.?

I had some friends who were working here, and they encouraged me to apply.

What was your first job at the company?

I began at Channellock Inc. as a Production Machine Operator for the 430® Straight Jaw Tongue and Groove Pliers.  

What is your current job?

Currently, I work in three different areas. The first is our Continuous Improvement area where I focus on Scrap and Rework, Labor Efficiency Project Management, Plant Incentives, 5S Lean Terms and Kaizen Events and Training. 

The second area I work in is our Research and Development area where I focus on storing and helping track hours. 

The third area I work in is Industrial Engineering. There, I work on time studies and job descriptions. 

What has been your favorite job?

Although I really enjoyed being the Machine Shop General Supervisor for many years, my current role is my favorite. 

What is the biggest change you’ve witnessed since you started?

The biggest change I have seen is how we have reduced or eliminated so many labor-intensive jobs, such as filing and polishing, with technology. It makes our process much more efficient. 

What is your favorite CHANNELLOCK® tool and why?

I like the CHANNELLOCK® 318 8.5” Side-Cutting Long Nose Plier because you can use it for so many things.

Has anyone else in your family worked here?

My son, Mike, and daughter, Kristie, both worked summer jobs here while going to college.

What is your favorite CHANNELLOCK® memory?

I have really enjoyed working with all the people here over the years. Also, winning the first Falcon Award was definitely one of my favorite moments.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I worked one year on production, one year on set-up and have been in supervision for the rest of my time here. When I started as a supervisor I was 21, and the other youngest production supervisor was 50. Overall, Channellock Inc. has been a great place to work.

Lynn Snyder

Communications and Training Manager

Channellock Inc.