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Factory Tour

CHANNELLOCK® has stood the test of time by making tools that do the same. Even after more than 130 years, it all comes back to Meadville, PA. From steel to store, every Channellock starts with North American high carbon steel before it becomes that blue-handled masterpiece in your toolbox. Take our factory tour to experience the CHANNELLOCK® difference for yourself.

From steel to shining steel

Every CHANNELLOCK® starts as a billet of North American steel. Our proprietary manufacturing methods, refined over 120 years, have allowed us to make tools that are both stronger and more durable.

A CHANNELLOCK® plier, shown at the moment of conception

With thousands of pounds of force, our massive air-powered, computer-controlled die forgers precisely hammer the microwave-heated steel into component parts, and then remove the excess on a trim press.

Smoothing out the rough edges

From the forge, each tool element is precisely ground, drilled, counter-bored, channeled, broached, and polished to our exact tolerances. And at virtually every step along the way, our steel craftsmen inspect every component to ensure it's strong enough to be a CHANNELLOCK® Tool.

Out of the fire, into… more fire

Steel is an unpredictable material. Heat it too much and it becomes hard and brittle. Heat it too little and it remains relatively "soft" and easily fatigued. Our unique heat treating processes ensure a very controlled, uniform tempering that's strong enough to withstand great force, but flexible enough to resist breakage under load conditions.

An extra strong bite

The combination of steel and our proprietary laser site-specific hardening techniques make it possible to achieve perfect metallurgical characteristics. Our laser-hardening allows the jaws and teeth of our pliers to be incredibly durable, while the handles maintain flexibility for greater control.

Where it all comes together

This is where our tongue and groove and slip joint products receive their PermaLock® fastener – a truly unique fastener that completely eliminates the problem of traditional nut and bolt fastener failures. Associates also adjust the fasteners to ensure that the pivot mechanism works smoothly, without excessive "play" or stiffness.

A pair of CHANNELLOCK BLUE® handles

As the final step in our manufacturing process, our tools are cleaned and given a rust-inhibitive coating. Then, it's time for a dip in the pool of CHANNELLOCK BLUE® PVC coating to be baked on the handles. This makes our tools comfortable to hold in your hand – and easy to spot in your tool bag. However, PVC coating provides no dielectric (electric shock) protection.

Hey hey hey, goodbye…

One last step and it's out the door. Our packers carefully insert every CHANNELLOCK® tool into protective, theft-resistant packaging and box it up for delivery to a store near you. And for the closest store of all, shop here at – it's the only store in the world that carries every CHANNELLOCK® tool we make.

  • 1. Billet
  • 2. Forge
  • 3. Heat Treat
  • 4. Machine Shop
  • 5. Laser Hardening
  • 6. Assembly
  • 7. Grips
  • 8. Package