When you build tools that are as tough as CHANNELLOCK® tools, you just wanna show 'em off. So we built this machine with American-made CHANNELLOCK® pliers, featuring American-made CHANNELLOCK® pliers.

Meet the Heroes of the Machine

430 Tongue & Groove Pliers


10" Straight Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers

The iconic plier that started it all. Its no slip grip and tight bite turns, tightens and loosens bolts without strain.


E337 Cutting Pliers


7" XLT™ Diagonal Lap Joint Cutting Pliers

A cutting plier unlike any other. Its long lasting, laser heat-treated cutting edges slice through wire with ease.


E357 End Cutting Pliers


7.5" XLT™ End Cutting Pliers

If you need a clean cut or to pull out a nail, look no further. The knife and anvil edges make cutting and biting simple.


369 Linemen's Pliers


9.5" XLT™ Round Nose Linemen's Pliers

The one plier a lineman doesn't leave home without. The cross-hatch pattern on jaws grip tightly without giving up.


442 V-Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers


12" V-Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers

A plier designed to grip round stock tightly until it's told to let go. Expect a stronger bite and more control.


Behind the Scenes Videos