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GS-28 8 Pc Pliers Set

V-Jaw Tongue & Groove pliers offer a unique jaw design creating more points of contact on round stock and tubing. This creates a stronger bite and more control. High leverage Diagonal Cutting pliers offer precision machined knife and anvil style cutting edges to ensure perfect mating and superior cutting edge life. CHANNELLOCK Long Nose pliers have a crosshatched teeth pattern that provides reliable grip in either direction, while a narrow nose profile provides extra precision. CHANNELLOCK Linemen's pliers feature Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT) for considerably less force required to cut than traditional high leverage designs. Crosshatch jaws provide maximum grip. Adjustable Wrenches have a greater jaw capacity to support larger nuts and bolts with thinner jaws for greater access in tight spaces. 4 thread knurl and non-protruding jaws provide greater capacity; minimal head width improves performance in confined spaces. Professional drivers mean business with custom heat-treated alloy steel blades, nickel chrome finish for exceptional corrosion resistance, and precision machined vapor blast tips for a precise fit.

Tools Included

Overall Length12in.304.8mm
Jaw Length1.5in.38.1mm
Joint Thickness0.5in.12.7mm
Handle Span1.69in.42.93mm
Jaw Capacity2.25in.57.15mm
# of Adjustments7
Overall Length10in.254mm
Jaw Length1.37in.34.8mm
Joint Thickness0.43in.10.92mm
Handle Span2.2in.55.88mm
Jaw Capacity2in.50.8mm
# of Adjustments7
Overall Length6.5in.165.1mm
Jaw Length0.81in.20.57mm
Joint Thickness0.47in.11.94mm
Handle Span1.81in.45.97mm
Jaw Capacity0.94in.23.88mm
# of Adjustments7
Overall Length9.5in.241.3mm
Jaw Length1.54in.39.12mm
Joint Thickness0.55in.13.97mm
Cutting Edge0.73in.18.54mm
Nose Width0.28in.7.11mm
Handle Span1.89in.48.01mm
Joint Width1.32in.33.53mm
Overall Length8in.203.2mm
Jaw Length2.36in.59.94mm
Joint Thickness0.41in.10.41mm
Cutting Edge0.41in.10.41mm
Nose Width0.14in.3.56mm
Nose Thickness0.11in.2.79mm
Handle Span1.89in.48.01mm
Joint Width0.87in.22.1mm
Overall Length6in.152.4mm
Jaw Length0.85in.21.59mm
Joint Thickness0.43in.10.92mm
Cutting Edge0.85in.21.59mm
Handle Span1.89in.48.01mm
Joint Width0.81in.20.57mm
Overall Length6.5in.165.1mm
Jaw Length0.96in.24.38mm
Joint Thickness0.43in.10.92mm
Handle Span1.89in.48.01mm
Overall Length10.00in.254mm
Joint Thickness.60in.15.24mm
Jaw Capacity1.38in.35.05mm
Joint Width2.83in.71.88mm