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We at CHANNELLOCK® have always rallied around the trades and invested in their future growth. That’s why we’re proud to announce our official partnership with SkillsUSA. Together, we’re helping the tradesmen and women of tomorrow get ready today.

SkillsUSA Week (Feb. 3-9) Included a Variety of Activities

Presentations to administrators, business leaders and legislators, school tours and open houses, community service events that benefit local organizations, student-led rallies and campus outreach as well as industry partnership development. As the lead sponsor of SkillsUSA Week, CHANNELLOCK® visited both Washington D.C. and trade schools to meet with leaders and students who share our passion for the tradesmen and women of tomorrow.

SkillsUSA Week Summary

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CHANNELLOCK® Also Supports the Trades Through Our Trade School Trade-Up Competition

Learn more about last year's prizes and see the winner's transformation.

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