Tool Roll-5E 5pc E Series Pliers Set with Tool Roll

A convenient assortment of popular CHANNELLOCK® tools. A perfect gift for people that know what real work is all about.

Set Includes:  9.5" GripLock®  Tongue & Groove, 8" XLT Diagonal Cutting Plier, 8" XLT Combination Plier, 8" XLT Long Nose, and 8" End Cutting Plier

Tools Included

Overall Length8.031in.203.99mm
Jaw Length1.77in.44.96mm
Joint Thickness0.45in.11.43mm
Cutting Edge0.71in.18.03mm
Nose Width0.26in.6.6mm
Handle Span2.18in.55.37mm
Overall Length8.29in.210.57mm
Jaw Length0.86in.21.84mm
Joint Thickness0.47in.11.94mm
Cutting Edge0.86in.21.84mm
Handle Span2.15in.54.61mm
Joint Width1.09in.27.69mm
Overall Length7.81in.198.37mm
Jaw Length2.96in.75.18mm
Joint Thickness0.39in.9.91mm
Cutting Edge0.46in.11.68mm
Nose Width0.13in.3.3mm
Nose Thickness0.13in.3.3mm
Handle Span2.14in.54.36mm
Joint Width0.7in.17.78mm
Overall Length8in.203.2mm
Jaw Length0.35in.8.89mm
Joint Thickness0.49in.12.45mm
Cutting Edge1.18in.29.97mm
Handle Span1.89in.48.01mm
Joint Width1.63in.41.4mm
Overall Length9.5in.241.3mm
Jaw Length1.34in.34.04mm
Joint Thickness0.36in.9.14mm
Handle Span2.17in.55.12mm
Jaw Capacity1.25in.31.75mm
# of Adjustments5

Benefits and Features


XLT™ Xtreme Leverage Technology means considerably less force required to cut than traditional high leverage

Laser Heat-Treated Edges

Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer

Blue Grips

CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips for comfort